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Top 5 tips to make your Financial life healthy

We follow simple tips like drinking more water , walking and exercising  etc to keep our health fit. In the same way, here we are going to discuss important things to keep your financial life healthy. 1. Start early and get benefits of compounding powder. We see many people think that its too early to … Continue reading

Is it worth buying Children Insurance plan?

Investing for children studies and children marriage is one of our biggest financial goals. It is you responsibility to give the bright future to your kid in terms of good education. Now a days for higher studies it costs around 10 Lakhs . Do you know how much you require for your child higher studies … Continue reading

Why Emergency Fund is essential in your Financial life?

Life , it is full of up and downs , we dont know when we meet with unexpected situations which makes our financial life difficult and we will badly need money at that moment.  It may be loss of job or medical emergency which needs immediate access of money to smoothen  the  situation. Just go … Continue reading

Top 10 Investment options to make your money grow

Investing your hard earned money  in the right product is as important as earning money. If you keep your money idle in saving bank account gives less than 4% return is not good idea when you have more options to invest. Explore the options and invest based on your risk level. 1.Bank Fixed deposits. This … Continue reading

Tips to become Crorepati

We all dream to become  crorepati. Do you have that desire ?  If yes, you stopped at the correct place. Here  you are going to see the tips to become crorepati. If you want to get rich quick then, 1. Think of marry a gal who is crorepathi. 2.Participate in KBC show and win it. … Continue reading

Top 5 tips to save your money

We all look for opportunities and ways to earn more money to fill our pockets.  But only very less people can understand the importance of saving. We must remember “penny saved is penny earned”. Here , lets discuss the simple saving tips in our daily life. 1. Reduce your Utility bills like Electricity bills and … Continue reading

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