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Can we partially withdraw from EPF (Employee Provident Fund) ?

Most of us know that we can either transfer or withdraw epf amount when we change the organization. But, do you know that on special occasions you can also withdraw some money from your EPF account. Usually when we badly need money, we look for personal loans where interest rates quite high , if you … Continue reading

How EPF (Employee Provident Fund) makes you Rich

Yeah..You heard it correct. Your EPF (Employee provident Fund) makes you rich. Lets see what is EPF and how it will make you rich when you retire. What is EPF This is the great scheme introduced by our government to help salaried peopleĀ  in saving money for the retirement. Every month, 12 % of your … Continue reading

All about Gratuity

Thia article is aiming at salaried employees only. Here you are going to see all details about gratuity. What is Gratuity: Lump sum amount will be given to you by your employer at the time of leaving organization or retirement which is earlier . . But minimum criteria is you should be with the same … Continue reading

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